Fraudulent Claims


  •  Staged auto accidents & unjustified injuries cost insurers billions of dollars every year.
  •  3% of Slip & Fall injuries are fraudulent; their related costs amount to nearly $2 billion a year.
  •  The BBB ranks Home Improvement Scams, such as fraudulent hail claims, as one of 2011’s Top Ten Consumer Cons.
  •  More than 75% of US Consumers admit they are more likely to commit insurance fraud during an economic downturn, such as that recently experienced in Colorado and across the nation.

At Western Engineering & Research Corporation (WERC) we help insurance professionals with suspected fraudulent property damage claims, arson, slip & falls and purposeful vehicle accidents. Our engineers, architects, and fire investigators are trained to spot red flags, suspicious activity and inconsistent evidence.

When insurance fraud occurs, it is the insurance companies and local citizens who foot the bill. Choose WERC to assist you with your next suspected fraudulent claim and you can expect rapid response 24/7, accurate analysis and conclusions, quick turnaround, and professional engineers, architects, and investigators with access to a large and well equipped forensic laboratory and experience accumulated over decades.