We Expedite Handling of Your Claim

We understand you are busy.  Once you submit a project to us, we will act upon it promptly.  We normally strive for a two-week turnaround for a completion of the report after the site investigation.  This will enable you to proceed with subrogation or closing claims.  We know the technical investigation of claims from start to finish, making it unnecessary to call us for status reports.  We will keep you “in the loop” yet not often asking for direction.  We have handled a wide range of damage claims, and will do our best to meet your needs with our accurate and thorough reports.

Efficient claims management

We Provide an Unbiased View Based on Sound Science and Engineering

We believe and act on sound engineering and scientific principles based on findings and facts.  When needed, we can present expert testimony, which is most often favorably received by the courts.  We have a collaborative process among professional staff; we combine our expertise and work together to your benefit.    We are life-long learners, maintaining state of the art certifications and licenses to provide you with the best services.

Focus on Quality and Fact-Based Reports

We seek to provide you with the best quality report in a timely manner.  A report that will help you take the most effective “next step” so it is clear what is involved to make you whole again with a no-nonsense approach.

Available when you need us

We have staff available to come to your site or discuss the particulars of your claim or issue within hours of the incident. We want to get involved quickly to capture the facts and give guidance to address your case efficiently.


Quick Turnaround

A two week turnaround for producing a report is reasonable and what we aim for. We can also be anywhere in the Country within 24 hours as needed.

Reliable Partner

We have worked with several clients repeatedly over the years, gaining trust and proficiency in handling their issues. Whey you hire Western Engineering, you are guaranteed quality and expertise that will make you look good with consistent and proven results. We enjoy the relationships we have established throughout the years, understanding your needs.

Regionally Certified

We are licensed professionals in CO, ID, KS, MT, NE, NM, NV, UT, WA, and WY with up to date certifications.


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