We have worked with numerous law firms throughout the United States to provide investigative services and reconstruction of the failure or incident from start to finish.  If you need us in the courtroom, we can testify at trial, as we have provided expert witness testimony throughout the nation.  We can be available on short notice, for urgent and emergency investigations.  Whether it is a structure failure, construction or industrial accident, subrogation investigation or personal injury incident, WERC can respond to your needs.

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The engineers, scientists, and other forensic professionals at WERC are experienced with the investigation of structure failures, construction accidents, vehicle accidents, construction defects, personal injury accidents and subrogation evaluations.


Professionals with the education and experience to meet your needs.  View our resume and check for yourself.

Available when you need us

We have staff available to come to your site or loss location.  If needed, we can be available on site within hours of the incident. We want to get involved quickly to capture the facts and give guidance to address your case efficiently.


Quick Turnaround

Timeliness is critical, and we aim to meet your needs. We can also be anywhere in the Country within 24 hours as needed.

Reliable Partner

We have worked with numerous clients repeatedly over the years, gaining trust and proficiency in handling their issues. We enjoy the relationships we have established throughout the years, and we strive to meet your needs.

Regionally Certified

Our professionals are licensed throughout the western United States, and certified nationally in various specialties.


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