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Electrical Failure
Gas Furnace Testing (20)

Tolerance Limits to Point of Failure

What Exactly Happened, Where and When?

Suitability of Equipment/Materials

Various tools are used in constructing and maintaining buildings.  All equipment is subject to tolerance limits such as weight, vibration, moment-arm and torsion.  Western Engineering can evaluate when a failure of a crane or other device is caused by the specific application of the tool, operator error, exceeding useful life, improper welds, etc.  We work with law firms, insurance carriers and building contractors to determine the source of failure.

Catastrophic Damage from Weather Events

Hail, wind, lightning and vibration can compromise mechanical equipment, especially those exposed to the elements.  Western Engineering can determine the extent of damage, what the damage was caused by, and to evaluate when the event occurred, causing the damage.  Often insurance companies and building owners become involved in disputes regarding the cause or timing of such damage.

Maintenance and Wear Tolerances

All mechanical equipment is subject to wear and proper maintenance can minimize the potential for failure.  Western Engineering utilizes testing equipment and metallurgists that enable evaluation of reasonable causes of failure.  Some of this equipment is highly specialized and costly.

Accident Reconstructions

Western Engineering has accomplished significant accident reconstructions utilizing qualified personnel.  Vehicle accidents can be complex and difficult to reconstruct given the limited photographs and police reports.  Traffic pileups from snow, ice, fog and obstructions are inevitable.  Western Engineering is ready to assist you with your accident reconstruction needs.

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