Who We Are

Western Engineering was formed in 1997 to provide multidisciplinary forensic engineering services.

Our team of forensic engineers and scientists are available to assist with claims investigations, litigation support, and consulting services to the construction industry.

We strive to be available on short notice when needed for emergency response for critical failures and accidents.

Western’s engineers are licensed throughout much of Western U.S., and have nationally recognized memberships and certifications in various areas.

Buildings & Structural Failures

Structural Damage may have a number of causes.  Some causes include expansive soils, vibration, poor drainage, or improper shoring or underpinning.

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Mechanical Failure Analysis

Western Engineering can evaluate when a failure of a crane or other device is caused by the specific application of the tool, operator error, exceeding useful life, improper welds, etc. 

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Personal Injury & Ergonomics

Western Engineering is very skilled at evaluating conditions that may or may not have caused personal injury.

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Plumbing & Product Liability

Western Engineering has been a forerunner in evaluating hoses and plumbing parts for failure.  We regularly serve large insurers that want to determine sources of failure in such parts. 

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Industries We Support

Whether you are an insurance agent, attorney or building owner Western Engineering supports your Forensic Engineering needs. We provide fast turnaround service and excellent customer care.


We have worked with several prominent law firms to provide investigative services and reconstruction of the incident from start to finish. 

Claims Professionals

Once you submit a project to us, we will act upon it quickly.  We strive to provide you a report promptly.  This will enable you to proceed with subrogation or closing claims. 

Contractors, Industry and Owners

From evaluation of damages and repair designs, to due diligence investigations, WERC strives to meet our client’s needs.


With decades of experience we KNOW Forensic Engineering.

  • Our Founder, Jim Royston, has been a leader in the Denver and Colorado Forensic Engineering community. He has promoted the use of climactic data, advanced forensic investigative techniques, and forensic photography.
  • We have an extensive library of Building Codes dating back over 100 years, and we have the expertise to use legacy codes where they apply.
  • We know the forensic engineering and sciences related to both insurance and litigation and their unique needs.
  • Regarding insurance, we strive to minimize the Claim Professional’s time by promptly conducting site investigations, applying engineering and scientific analysis of the facts relative to damage and injury claims, and produce our report on time.
  • For attorneys, we conduct appropriately detailed site investigations and produce our findings in a comprehensive report utilizing sound engineering principles and established science.
  • Our laboratory tools and instruments can be used to simulate and quantify many field conditions and forces that cause damage.
  • We provide well-written defensible reports, and we present our findings at trial.

Our office is located in Denver, Colorado, and it includes a well equipped laboratory for mechanical, plumbing and structural inspections and testing.


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