Product Failure Analysis

Every year losses relating to product failures cost the insurance industry many millions of dollars in property claims.  Western Engineering & Research Corporation (WERC) has a long history in the analysis of failed products and their components, and is a nationally recognized leader in evaluating these claims to determine the cause of loss.


WERC has developed a Product Failure Analysis fixed-fee program to analyze the most common product failures ranging from household appliances to water supply lines and plumbing products, to electrical components. Whether the failure is due to installation error, manufacturing defects, freeze failures or normal wear and tear – utilizing our custom pressure testing table, digital microscopy and X-Rays, the professionals at Western are highly trained in the evaluation of these claims and can quickly provide you with an answer. We guarantee your report will be in delivered 10 business days or less*

Our fixed-fee program is available nationwide simply by shipping the evidence to our facility. For additional instructions on how to submit your claims please click on the fixed-fee program button in the sidebar.

*Some exclusions apply please click the fixed-fee program button for more details