Mechanical Failures

The professionals at Western Engineering & Research Corporation (WERC) are regularly retained to investigate and analyze the failure of a wide range of mechanical equipment; from heavy industrial machinery, to small and medium sized commercial appliances, as well as commercial and residential systems.  Mechanical failures often involve damaged property, injury, loss of life, corporate down-time, and other collateral damage.  Once retained, our highly qualified engineers immediately assess the faulty/failed equipment in order to isolate the cause and determine why it is not working or not meeting the standard set by the manufacturer.  Many factors contributing to mechanical failures are: improper maintenance and assembly, vibration, wear and tear, operator error, or flaws in the material, design, or electronics of the system or associated systems.  If the failure has rendered the equipment a complete loss, we can make process recommendations and assess subrogation potential.

At WERC, we provide answers to your complex world! Why did it fail? Can the system, component, or device be repaired or salvaged? Did the failure cause collateral damage?

  • Appliance Failures: Washer & dryers, toasters, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves/ovens, hairdryers, water heaters, gas grills, ceiling fans, space heaters, and nearly any other small appliance found in a home or office can be examined on site by WERC’s licensed mechanical Professional Engineers (PE) for the cause of failure.  Due to the high volume of small appliance failures WERC receives, we have refined the art of producing accurate, unbiased, detailed, professional reports in a quick and timely manner.
  • Heavy Equipment Failures: Though it may not seem significant at the time, heavy equipment break downs can lead to large losses and mass downtime for companies during which all production ceases.  Heavy equipment breakdowns occur primarily in the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems.  Our team of Professional Engineers (PE) work together to find answers to these types of failures.  Additionally, we offer on-site investigations and evidence can be transported to our large laboratory for destructive testing then stored in our secure storage facility.
  • Boilers & Pressure Vessels; Cryogenic, HVAC and Vacuum Systems; and other Specialized Machinery: WERC evaluates the origin and cause of all types of mechanical failures as they relate to commercial and residential HVAC systems, pressure vessels, sprinkler systems, machinery, compressed gas, fluid, vacuum systems and much more.  With one of the largest on-site laboratories in the Western US, our professionals are able to test these systems, components, and machinery.
  • Metallurgy and Material Sciences: WERC performs metallurgical analysis of fractures, material issues, corrosion/degradation and weld failures as they relate to the failure of vehicle components, engines, playground equipment, surgical medical screws, automotive components, catwalks, hand railings, scaffolding, wheelchair lifts, toilet parts, pipelines, cutting tools, large structures, metal and plastic components, and many other products.  Our professionals are skilled in metal joining processes including gas, plasma, and MIG and TIG welding.  Metallurgical investigations are often instrumental in evaluating the cause of product or material failures.  Material and/or material joint fractures are often elements in product failures and accident. These evaluations often involve analysis of the design and material selection process and the suitability of the material for the intended application, as well as installation procedures.
  • Manufacturing Systems, Mining and Mineral Processing: The professionals at WERC can assist in the evaluation of mechanical and electrical failures within manufacturing operations.  From mining to aerospace, from commercial to industrial products and commodities, our staff has extensive experience in conveying systems, automated equipment, robotics and more.
  • Accident and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction (VAR): From large scale commercial vehicles to individual passenger vehicles, WERC handles a wide range of accident reconstruction cases.  Our team of experts is thoroughly experienced at investigating, evaluating, and providing their unbiased opinion on issues related to accident reconstruction.  We employ proven analytical techniques to investigate accidents and our reports include scale drawings and state-of-the-art video animations as needed.

 Remember: Effective accident reconstruction requires quick response times; to reach WERC 24/7 click the red Immediate Response button on the right side of the page.