Electrical Failures
We Will Find the Answers...Case Closed!

The National Academy of Engineering proclaimed electrification to be the greatest engineering achievement of the last century.  Today, electricity powers and controls our buildings, vehicles, machinery, equipment and appliances.  What do you do when the equipment you rely on to keep your company up and running, breaks down, explodes, or short circuits? Call Western Engineering & Research Corporation (WERC).

At WERC, we perform a wide assortment of electrical and electronic investigations; testing everything from individual equipment circuitry to full industrial power systems.  WERC’s expert electrical team will find the answers to what happened, why it happened, and who/what is responsible so you can accurately mitigate your losses.

  • Electronic Equipment Failure: In residences, offices and industrial plants all over the world, electrical and electronic equipment malfunction and/or fail due to poor maintenance, improper installation, and the interference of, inept, non-expert persons. WERC’s highly qualified electrical engineers can use the facts on scene to differentiate between accidents and intentional sabotage and/or inadequate upkeep and general wear and tear.

  • Electrical Safety (Electrocution & Shock): Electricity, while a necessary part of our lives, is a powerful energy source that is immensely dangerous.  Every year hundreds of thousands of people experience electrical shock and electrocution.  Electrical distribution equipment, such as power transformers, utility lines, electrical outlets, and metering distribution panels, carry extremely high voltages at high current levels.  A potentially deadly combination. WERC’s electrical engineers will examine incoming and outgoing electrical lines, your equipment’s electrical and electronic components, and outdoor distribution systems.  WERC can also evaluate your safety and lock out and tag out procedures for faults and holes.
  • Electrical Fires: WERC’s electrical engineers work hand in hand with our fire investigation team, Western FireGuys, to investigate the fires and explosions that result from electrical system failures. Due to our extensive laboratory space, and vast evidence storage facility, we can capture all types of evidence from the scene of an electrical fire and bring it back to our facility for further testing and storage when needed.
  • Lightning: One single bolt of lightning can carry between 35-40 amps of power and can reach temperatures in excess of 50,000°F.  Is it any wonder that in 2012 lightning strikes injured at least 2,651 individuals, and took 531 lives?  That same year, lightning strikes caused more than $32 million in property damage.  While the lightning strike itself does cause direct damage, it is the byproduct of the strike, fires and power surges, which ravage personal, corporate and industrial property.  Electronic equipment and electrical facilities are particularly susceptible to power surges, though the destructiveness of the power surge depends on how far the property is from the lightning strike and how much power is being carried through the lightning at the time.  Whether you have a property damage claim or a human or animal fatality, the professionals at WERC can arrive at a lightning strike site immediately to begin the investigative process.  (Lightning statistics provided by the National Weather Service, http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov)

Many forensic engineers work out of remote satellite offices and don’t have a well equipped testing facility. Those engineers often choose to utilize WERC’s facilities for their testing needs.