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WERC Project News

FEB 12, 2015 
Carl Muha, PE, and Kevin Walker, EI, investigated the scene of an injury accident in Loveland, Colorado.  Mr. Muha provided a verbal report to his client relative to the cause of the accident.

FEB 5, 2015 
Jim Royston, PE, provided deposition testimony on behalf of a national corporation relative to a parking lot related fall incident on newly fallen snow.

JAN 22, 2015 
Jeremy A. Kozik, AIA testified to a three member arbitration panel relative to a multi-family residential construction defects.  The building envelope related claims included defects of window flashings, balcony waterproofing balcony waterproofing, brick veneer, sealant joints, EIFS, fiber cement lap siding, and EPDM roofing.

JAN 16, 201f 
WERC’s Mechanical Engineers recently investigated a fatal vehicle accident involving a head-on collision between a car and a pick-up truck.  Black box data analysis was performed to help determine the facts of the accident.

JAN 5, 2015 
Jim Royston, PE, traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to investigate and document water intrusion into a multi-story residential building.  Mr. Royston provided a verbal assessment to his attorney client related to the cause of the water entry.

JAN 1, 2015 
President & Principal Engineer, Jim Royston, PE, lead the effort to prepare WERCs application to the United States Air Force to provide forensic engineering services.  This was a collaborative effort with MC Alliances and several other established Colorado consulting firms.

DEC 23, 2014 
With the consent of the involved parties, Joe Dezman, MS EI, live streamed a destructive examination of a supply line to the opposing expert in California.  This allowed for remote viewing of a destructive exam without the added cost of travel.

DEC 11, 2014 
Jim Royston, PE, attended the ACEC Ethics Seminar.  Educational courses such as this are informative and needed to obtain continued education (CE) credits.  CE credits are required by several states in which Mr. Royston is licensed.

DEC 11, 2014
Joe Dezman, MS EI, traveled to Grand Junction, Colorado to participate in a destructive examination of a commercial clothes dryer that was involved in a fire.  WERC regularly travels in-State and out-of-State to represent its clients at evidence examinations.

DEC 3, 2014 
Structural Engineer, Bob Hessek, PE, traveled to Las Cruses, New Mexico, in order to investigation and determine the cause of the collapse of an adobe wall and to provide recommendations for repair.

DEC 1, 2014 
Jim Royston, PE, spent several days in northwest Wyoming evaluating structure movement claims with several residences.  The movement problems were all associated with soil related movement of foundations.

NOV 14, 2014 
Kevin Walker, EI, investigated a freeze failure at a local government facility.  WERC completed its investigation and issued a Report of Findings to the client within 2 weeks.

NOV 10, 2014 
Laura Hatfield traveled to Orlando, FL to exhibit at the 2014 National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) Annual Conference.  WERC is a long-time sponsor of NASP and proudly displayed its capabilities to the 700+ attendees.

NOV 7, 2014 
Structural Engineer, Bob Hessek, PE, evaluated the extent of damage to a concrete foundation that resulted from a fire, at a residence in Granite Canon, Wyoming.  Upon completing his investigation Bob issued a Report of Findings to the client within 2 weeks.

NOV 7, 2014 
Jim Royston, PE, inspected the partial failure of a bridge under construction in Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Royston provided a verbal summary to his attorney client regarding the cause of the failure.

NOV 5, 2014
Jeremy A. Kozik, AIA testified in a personal injury trial for the defense regarding ASTM standards and the ADA Accessibility guidelines relative to an individual to who fell off a short retaining wall.  Mr. Kozik’s testimony was important to his client receiving a defense verdict.

NOV 1, 2014
Jeremy A. Kozik, AIA, has been elected as the Roundtable Coordinator for the Building Enclosure Council, Denver Chapter.

OCT 23, 2014
In order to better service our clients WERC’s structural engineering team is attending the SEAC (Structural Engineers Association of Colorado) Fall Seminar expanding their knowledge base on Snow Loads on Unusual Roof Shapes and Fire Resistance Rated Construction.

OCT 20, 2014 
Architect Jeremy Kozik is scheduled to testify in an upcoming personal injury trial regarding ASTM standards and ADA relative to an individual who fell off a short retaining wall.

OCT 14, 2014 
Carl Muha, Mechanical Engineering Manager, is scheduled to testify in a Construction Defect case regarding an Aurora, CO Condominium Complex.

SEP 29, 2014
Structural Engineer Robert Hessek has been called in to investigate damage to a single-family residence in Belen, NM, after a six-foot section of the residence’s plaster ceiling collapsed, allegedly, due to the vibrations of a local nearby train.

SEP 23, 2014
Carl Muha, Mechanical Engineer, investigated a local outdoor public pool where a Frozen Piping failed caused serious water loss and damages.

SEP 20, 2014
Robert Hessek, Structural Engineer, investigated a Multi-Family Apartment complex in Fort Collins, CO regarding a Construction Defect (CD) case where problems related to a Slab-On-Grade Foundation caused cracking of the drywall and cracking at entryways and windows.

SEP 11, 2014
Engineers Kevin Walker and Carl Muha, evaluated a hydronic coil from a HVAC system to determine mode of failure that resulted in water damage to a property in NV.

SEP 10, 2014 
WERC’s President and structural expert, Jim Royston, testified in a personal injury case involving a concrete Stair Tread Failure. Mr. Royston’s explanation of the failure to the jury was crucial in helping his client, a local Defense Attorney, receive a defense verdict.

SEP 9, 2014
Joe Dezman and Carl Muha, experts in WERC’s mechanical department, developed a new Testing Protocol to determine the quality of brass used to manufacture Supply Riser Components.  These tests will identify the levels of zinc in riser components and the susceptibility of the material to undergo Dezincification.

SEP 9, 2014
Carl Muha and Kevin Walker investigated the mode of failure of a Drinking Fountain linked to a water loss at a local Denver Tech Center business.

SEP 8, 2014 
Robert Hessek, Structural Engineer, evaluated a residential Fort Lupton home showing distressed and Cracking Drywall. After determining Helical Pier installation would be the solution to the structural damage, Bob worked with the contractor to come up with the most economical course of installation.

SEP 7, 2014
Carl Muha and Kevin Walker investigated the failure of a wall mounted speaker that allegedly caused Personal Injuries.

AUG 21, 2014 
WERC president, Jim Royston, and Architect, Jeremy A. Kozik, investigated a large custom residence in Jackson Hole, WY.  WERC has been retained by the attorney who represents the General Contractor in this Construction Defect Lawsuit.

AUG 13, 2014
Carl Muha, Mechanical Manager, evaluated a failed water heater that caused significant water loss at large Commercial High-rise located in downtown Denver.

AUG 6, 2014
Architect Jeremy Kozik attended a Building Enclosure Council meeting and seminar, today, to increase his knowledge of “Silicone Sealants & Coatings – Building Construction & Restoration.”

JULY 29, 2014
Architect Jeremy A. Kozik, investigated a four story mixed-use building in Englewood, CO for a client who represents the General Contractor in a Construction Defect lawsuit. 7/18/14 – Jeremy A. Kozik testified in a jury trial involving alleged defects and damage associated with closed-cell spray Foam Insulation.

JULY 15, 2014
Structural Engineer Robert Hessek was been retained to investigate concrete Floor Slab Movement of a residential home where the Leaking of Exterior Faucets were the alleged culprit; analysis determined movement to be caused by multiple factors other than the plumbing leaks.

JULY 7, 2014
Jeremy A. Kozik, AIA, spent a week in Durango, CO investigating alleged defects and damage associated with the building envelope at a townhome complex.  Mr. Kozik was hired by the attorneys who represent the General Contractor in this Construction Defect Lawsuit.

JULY 2, 2014
Engineers Joe Dezman and Kevin Walker, under the direction of Carl Muha, recreated the events surrounding a water loss using a Laboratory Mock-up of the stud space in a residential wall.