Lab Facilities

Our 27,000 square foot facility contains over 6000 square feet of laboratory space; including a clean lab and a wet lab both well equipped with a wide range of tools and testing equipment that allows Western to host complex destructive and non-destructive evidence examinations.  We also have fabrication lab area and a staging area for collecting and accepting evidence for storage.  Our microscopy lab includes both digital and conventional microscopes.

Western’s portable X-ray, FLIR Infrared technology, Oscilloscope, Instron 60,000lb universal testing machine all add to our arsenal of capabilities and allow Western to perform highly technical and in-depth analyses of your failure and provide clear and accurate results.

Complete with a custom made hydrostatic pressure testing bench Western is able to test pressure vessels such as pipes, water carrying tubing and supply lines, plumbing components and other fixtures to accurately locate and document the source of a failure.  Our high pressure system can also be used to pressure test components to failure

We are at your service with one of the largest forensic laboratories in the Western United States.   Give Western a call today and see how we can help you.