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MOLD! Uh oh, did someone say MOLD? RUN! Yes, the word “mold” is a big buzz word in today’s litigious society. Mold is much more of a hot button topic today than in decades past. So what’s the concern with mold? Mold is symptom of a moisture problem in the building, and continued moisture problems… Read More »

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Insured Plumbing Supple Line Failure

Plumbing Supply Line Failures – Santoprene™

One of the most common product failures that WERC analyzes involves the failure of the inner Santoprene™ tubing of water supply lines. Santoprene products are a family of proprietary polymer compounds. Santoprene is a versatile polymer with a wide variety of uses and applications, including residential plumbing products; such as water heater supply lines and faucet supply… Read More »

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Common Plumbing Parts Cause Catastrophic Water Damage

If it hasn’t happened to you, you probably know someone whose home was damaged by a plumbing leak. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), plumbing supply system failures are the leading source of residential water losses. Whether your home is brand new, decades old or just new to you, plumbing… Read More »

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Condensation Builds as Temperatures Drop

It’s that time of the year again when you may start to notice a fog (or sometimes ice) on the interior surface of your windows, especially those windows that are in or near your bathroom. What causes this fog to form on your windows? The fog that may form on the interior of your windows… Read More »

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Sprinkler system freezing and structural damage-2

Improper Winterization Causes Destruction!

Preparing our lawn sprinkler systems for winter is critical to prevent costly repairs and replacements the next spring. But are you aware that failure to properly winterize your outdoor, in-ground sprinkler system can cause substantial structural damage to your home as well? Most materials contract as they cool, water is the exception. As the temperature… Read More »

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