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White deposits and reddish discoloration of brass

Dezincification – Failure of Brass Components

Dezincification has become a buzzword in the forensic engineering world and the plumbing product industry. Dezincification as a contributor to the failure of brass components has seemingly become more common. But what is dezincification? To understand it, first let’s talk about brass. Brasses are a family of metal alloys whose main components are the elements… Read More »

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Weather 3

Hail Damage Assessment

Whether assessing a large commercial building or a single family residence for hail damage, the process starts before even stepping foot on the roof. A visual inspection of fences, mailboxes, posts, signs, wall finishes, light fixtures, and utility boxes can give valuable clues as to the size and the direction of the hail storm.  “Spatter”… Read More »

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Brick And Stucco Condos With Balconies

Balcony Collapse – Waterproofing Defects

The balcony collapse at an apartment building in Berkeley, California was a reminder that waterproofing defects can possibly lead to life threatening situations. In a memorandum dated June 23, 2015, the Building & Safety Division of the City of Berkeley’s Planning & Development Department concluded, “…the deck joist ends protruding from the exterior wall at… Read More »

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MOLD! Uh oh, did someone say MOLD? RUN! Yes, the word “mold” is a big buzz word in today’s litigious society. Mold is much more of a hot button topic today than in decades past. So what’s the concern with mold? Mold is symptom of a moisture problem in the building, and continued moisture problems… Read More »

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Slippery When Wet Yellow

Stadiums Accidents – “Slippery When Wet”

High school and college football season is well underway.  School districts, colleges and spectators at these sporting events should be aware of a significant safety hazard that exists on many new and most older bleachers and grandstands.  Many high school and college bleacher and grandstand systems utilize aluminum extrusions for the walking surfaces, and many… Read More »

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